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File sharing is an everyday task that can have a big effect on customer relationships. With Nexttcloud you can make sure that your clients will get their files, and you will have statistics and detailed information about each client and their activities.

Detailed log of actions

With Nexttcloud you will never miss a thing. A detailed panel of everything that happens on your system will be available to you. For example, see who uploads, downloads, or edits files. Get in control!


Sharing your project's files with your clients is easy and convenient with Nexttcloud. Whether you are a photographer, a web designer, a video editor, or do any kind of freelance job, Nexttcloud can improve your workflow and customers communication/feedback.

Non profits

Low or no budget shouldn't mean low quality software and solutions. Nexttcloud is there to cover all of your NGO's file sharing needs at absolutely as no cost.

Cloud Storage Packages

Plan Code Premium Storage Corporate Storage Cloud on Demand
Accessibility Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Nexttcloud 10GB 10GB 10GB
Paid Disk Space 1TB 300GB 100GB
Unlimited File Sharing
File Encryption
Detail Log Action
Document Viewer
Notes (Cross-devices Sync)
Music Player
Unlimited Support Support
Video Player
Passcode Folder
Pricing / Plans $3.99 / Mo $1.99 / Mo $ 14.99 / Annual

Corporate Cloud Storage right from $1.99/month get started